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Automatic Check-In

Register that someone has arrived at a specific location without requiring user input.

Example: Foursquared
Your users walk into a restaurant and you instantly show them reviews and photos from the menu in your app.

Venue Visit Tracking

Automatically track your users and their visits to venues over time.

Example: Googley Now
Overtime you learn about the preferences of your users based on where they spend most of their time.

Context-based Deeplinking

Add a deeplink feature to your application that is personalized based on your users location-context. All while saving screen real-estate.

Example: Uber Zero
You visit a restaurant and the deeplink button in your app changes to Yelp. You land at an airport and the deeplink changes to Uber. You stand at a bus stop and it changes to the NYC Transit.

Who's Here and Near?

Find users that are in the same venue or in venues nearby. Allow them to find or match with one another.

Example: ABetterTinder
Meet in the moment. You enter a bar and match with other singles that are inside the same bar. Get the green-light from that special someone before you introduce yourself.

If Then Triggers

Utilize webhooks to trigger other APIs and automate your users app experience.

Example: IFETT (IF Enter Then That)
Create triggers from real-world events. If a user enters a restaurant then notify my team of the restaurant name on Slack and send a POST to Google Analytics.


Dynamically change the experience within your app based on the context of the user.

Example: Snapchat HyperFilters
Snapchat GeoFilters just went hyperlocal. Enhance your snaps and relay your location to friends with filters for individual businesses and venue types that you are visiting.


Empower your users to leave notes, images, and more inside beacon regions to be discovered later.

Example: KissCapsules
A guy knows his girlfriend always stops at a certain coffee shop every morning. The night before Valentines Day he leaves a special Capsule for her to discover when she arrives the next morning.

Real-world Analytics

Track and analyze your users real-world behavior in our online dashboard.

Example: RealLifelog
Allow your users to track their movements and places they visit. Analyze the habits and preferences of your users to create an app that appeals more to their location and behavioral profiles.

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