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BeaconsInSpace is free if you are participating in our app monetization offering.
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Otherwise, please refer to the pricing below:

How we charge


Less than 10K MAUs


More than 10K MAUs
INCLuded with ALL
Unlimited Beacon Access
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Support 
Unlimited Integrations
Unlimited Data Storage
Unlimited Real-world Analytics

Pricing for apps with more than 10K MAUs

Unique Beacon Bumps
Price Per Request
First 1,000
Next 99,000
Next 900,000
Next 9,000,000
Next 90,000,000
Above 100,000,000
Simple pricing
We bill you based on the number of monthly unique beacon bumps (MUBBs) you make through the API or SDK.

Volume discounts
We apply volume discounts with higher usage.

No contracts
We charge monthly and you can cancel anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a unique beacon bump?

A unique beacon bump is when you request data about an individual beacon. In the API, this is the Beacon place details endpoint. The call will return all beacon meta-data as well as any Capsules associated with a particular beacon. We define “unique” using a simple algorithm so that you do not get billed for being at the same location and entering and exiting the beacon region continuously because of momentary signal blockage or other reasons.

How accurate is the Usage Calculator?

We've used beta testing and an algorithm to determine the approximate number of beacon bumps. We use two core factors: number of users on your app and number of beacons you access. We assume that beacon saturation is high and most apps have most of their users in urban areas.

When am I billed?

You are billed on the first day of every month when we tally your total MAUs and unique beacon bumps.

Can I stop access at anytime?

Yes. If you'd like to temporarily or permanently cut off access you can simply cancel the networks from your account in the Explore tab of Mission Control. We've also made it easy to view your current monthly usage and bill in the Billing section under the Settings tab.

What is a monthly active user (MAU)?

A monthly active user is someone who opens your app at least one time per month.

Is there a free plan?

Yes! If your app has less than 10,000 MAUs BeaconsInSpace is free. If your app has more than 10,000 MAUs we charge on a usage basis.

How does pricing work?

BeaconsInSpace only bills apps with more than 10K MAUs. We bill apps with more than 10K MAUs on a usage basis. We only bill you on the number of monthly unique beacon bumps (MUBBs) you make through the API or SDK. We also automatically scale down pricing with high usage volumes. For example, your first 1,000 bumps every month are always free. After 1,000 bumps you'll begin to be billed at $0.001 per bump. After 99,000 more bumps you'll reach the next threshold and your rate will drop to $0.0005 per bump for the next 900,000 bumps, and so on.

Why do apps with more than 10,000 MAUs get 1,000 unique beacon bumps free?

Testing! We know that you need to test before launching to your users. We think 1,000 free bumps should be plenty! It's important to note that test beacons you enter in Mission Control do not count against your quota.

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