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Power your app with an infrastructure of beacons

With one API, you can build and scale your application on thousands of beacons in your home city or across the globe.

Beacons on-demand

With a single request you can acquire the beacons you need to build scalable hyper-local and context-aware applications. Our RESTful API contains a registry of beacon identifiers at your disposal, so you can use beacons on-demand, where and when you need them.

Sample Request


Powerful context with place details

We provide detailed place information about every beacon on the platform. From the establishment name, latitude and longitude, to indoor location, you'll know the context of your users, every time they cross a beacon.

This means that with a single call you can react with a relevant and personalized app experience, It also means you can power your app with real-world context, background location, and automatic check-in, with ease.

Augment places with your own information

Personalize places with your own information so you can optimize the experience for your users. With a single call, anything from XML to JSON can be added to a Capsule and later utilized at the right time and place.

This means you can dynamically add unique information sets for your users across any indoor location, establishment type, or place in the real-world.

Want to add a string to the front door of every restaurant in New York City? Do that and more, with one request using a Capsule.